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Testimonial from Jacquelynn in Pennyslvania …..

“I began working with Niamh because I have always loved Irish Traditional music and songs. My lessons with Niamh have focused on building repertoire in the genre, focusing on authentic vocal stylization, and so much more. Niamh has become an incredible
mentor to me in my time working with her. As a professional musician I have found it difficult to focus on my own art while teaching and performing, Niamh has helped me produce and plan an album all while being one of my biggest musical supporters. Niamh has also helped me regain confidence in my singing in ALL genres and taught me so much musically in the Irish Traditional idiom. She is so knowledgeable and not only do we learn the musical stylings, but the history of the pieces we are working on as well. I am so grateful at how rewarding my lessons with Niamh have been.”


From Eileen in Chicago………..

I work as a professional musician and vocal coach. Niamh’s instruction has helped me invest in my art and my voice while guiding me to deeply cherish the traditional music I’m so honored to partake in.  If an artist is interested in a teacher or mentor who will encourage, stretch and inspire, there is no one better than Niamh. I have also recommended Niamh for group classes and workshops and will certainly continue to do so!

Eileen Estes
Lark Song Studios

Testimonial from Pam in San Diego ………..

“My singing took a leap forward after I started working with Niamh – from pretty-good amateur to credible professional singer. Listeners remarked on my improvement after just one lesson. I’d had voice lessons before, but traditional a cappella ballad singing is unusual, and I wanted to study with a specialist who is a master of the genre. In addition to basic vocal technique, Niamh has really helped me with phrasing and bringing expression and emotion to my performances. She coached me through my first folk festival performance and my first CD. Niamh is always encouraging and supportive, yet I know I can trust her to give me an honest critique if there’s a problem I need to work on. I was surprised how well the internet works for voice lessons, too. Even for things like vocal tone or physical technique, the live video and audio quality have been completely sufficient for instruction.”


From Maya Ross, based in London …………………

I first came to Niamh Parsons to find a vocal coach, but also to find someone who had a deep knowledge in the Irish singing tradition. Over the last year, I have been able to work with Niamh remotely the whole time and it has worked very well online. 

She has helped me develop my voice as a singer , improving my technical skill and also encouraging me in my confidence as an artist. By studying with her, I have seen my voice reach qualities that I wasn’t so confident with before and use phrasing and emotion in songs.

I think it’s important to study the history and culture of what I sing, and Niamh tells the stories that deepen the learning for me. She is a very charismatic and experienced teacher.

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