One Morning in May

This beautiful song comes from the North of Ireland.  I learnt it from my friend Jackie Callan (Kenny) from whom I learnt many good songs.  I’ve since heard it sung by Jim McFarland, Fran McPhail and Len Graham.

Track 3 (Traditional, Arranged Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunne).

One Morning in May

One morning in May as I carelessly did stray

To view yon green valleys where the lambs sport and play

In the clear morning dew as I lay down to muse

A fair maiden of honour appeared in my view


I said pretty maid how happy we could be

For it is so decreed that married we shall be

Let me not see you frown for my heart it is your own

When these words they were spoken sure the tears trickled down


Come dry up your tears there is nothing to fear

I would roam through the green fields for many’s the long year

When the birds sang so sweet this young man proved his deceit

Saying adieu pretty fair maid we shall never more meet


With my snuff box and cane this whole world I will range

Like Venus or Diana in search of her swain

When the moon shone so clear I will mourn for my dear

Over mountains, clear fountains where no-one will hear


There’s one thing I know and that before I go

I will never return for to hear her sad woe

There’s another thing I know and that before I go

That the ranger and the stranger has many’s the foe