So Here’s To You – Live in Vlissingen 2001

Released May 2021


Loosely Connected – Niamh Parsons and The Loose Connections (Greentrax 1992) Out of print.

  1. Katie Campbell’s Rambles (Comp. John McSherry)/Streets of Forbes (Trad.)
  2. Tinkerman’s Daughter (Comp. M.McConnell)
  3. Little Big Time (Comp. Dee Moore)
  4. Lover’s Ghost (Trad.)
  5. Man of Arran (Live Instrumental) (Comp. Darrach De Brun)
  6. North Amerikay (Trad.)
  7. We Two People (Comp Brian Crawford and Colin Reid)
  8. One Morning in May (Trad.)
  9. Play a Merry Jig (Comp. Dee Moore)
  10. Where are you tonight I wonder (Comp. Andy M. Stewart) (with Brian Kennedy)
  11. Don’t give your heart away (Comp. Dee Moore) (with Brian Kennedy)

Loosen Up – Niamh Parsons and the Loose Connections (Green Linnet 1997)

  1. The Big Bad Wolf (Comp. Dee Moore)
  2. Seeing Things (Comp. Dee Moore)
  3. Fancy Waistcoat (Comp. Dee Moore)
  4. Clohinne Winds (Comp. Briege Murphy)
  5. Gently Born/Micky Dans (Instrumental Comp. 1.Dee Moore, 2 Michael McAuley)
  6. Closer to you (Comp. Dee Moore)
  7. The Briar and the Rose (Comp. Tom Waits)
  8. I know my faith (Comp. Dee Moore)
  9. Heartbound Express (Comp. Dee Moore)
  10. Loosen Up (Instrumental – The Hunter’s Purse/Andy Renwick’s Ferret)
  11. Reconciliation (Comp. Ron Kavana)

Blackbirds and Thrushes – Niamh Parsons (Green Linnet 1999)

  1. The Blackbird Waltz (Comp. Patrick Desaunay) Blackbirds and Thrushes (Trad.)
  2. The Flower of Finae (Trad.)
  3. Sally Sits Weeping (Trad.)
  4. Kilnamartyra Exile (Trad.)
  5. Fear A Bhata (Trad.)
  6. The Banks of the Nile (Trad.)
  7. The Water is Wide (Trad.)
  8. The Maid on the Shore (Trad.)
  9. The Wounded Hussar (Trad.)
  10. Alexander (Trad.)
  11. Droimeann Donn Dilis (Trad.)
  12. The Flower of Magherally O (Trad.)

In My Prime – Niamh Parsons (Green Linnet 2000)

  1. In my Prime (Trad.)
  2. Bonny Woodhall (Trad.)
  3. Green Grass it Grows Bonny (Trad.)
  4. Horo Johnny (Trad.)
  5. Annan Waters (Trad.)
  6. Orphan’s Wedding (Comp. Andy M. Stewart)
  7. An Paistín Fionn (Trad.)
  8. Black is the Colour (Trad.)
  9. Two Sisters (Trad.)
  10. Lakes of Coolfin (Trad.)
  11. Bold Doherty (Trad.)
  12. So Here’s to You (Comp. Alan Bell)

Heart’s Desire Niamh Parsons (Green Linnet 2002)

  1. My Lagan Love (Trad.)
  2. The Rigs of Rye (Trad.)
  3. Jenny Picking Cockles/Colliers (Instrumental Trad.)
  4. West Coast of Clare (Comp. Andy Irvine)
  5. Banks of the Clyde (Trad.)
  6. A Kiss in the morning Early (Trad. With addl. Lyrics Mick Hanly)
  7. Done with Bonaparte (Lyrics comp. Mark Knopfler/Air Trad.)
  8. New Holland Grove (Comp. Sean Mone)
  9. The Brown Bull of Cill na Móna/The Tipperary Temptress (Instrumental comp. Graham Dunne)
  10. Brokenhearted I’ll wander (Trad.)
  11. Tide Full In (Comp. F. Fahy)
  12. Sweet Inniscarra (Trad.)
  13. Bramblethorn (Comp. Sara Daniels)

The Old Simplicity – Niamh Pasons with Graham Dunne (Green Linnet 2006)

  1. The Old Simplicity (Comp. Kieran Halpin)
  2. 1917 (The French Prostitute) (Comp. David Olney)
  3. The Poor Irish Stranger (Trad.)
  4. Cumha an Ghrá (Instrumental, Comp. Graham Dunne)
  5. Ye Rambling Boys of Pleasure (Trad.)
  6. No Half Measures/The Song of the Drinking Man’s Wife (Comp. Alistair Hulett)
  7. No Telling (Comp. Linda Thompson)
  8. John Condon (Comp. The Song Shed/R. Laird / S. Starrett / T. McRory)
  9. Moll and Poll Ha’penny (Instrumental, Trad.)
  10. Blue Murder (Comp. Alistair Hulett)
  11. He Fades Away (Comp. Alistair Hulett)
  12. Long Cookstown (Nancy Whiskey) (Trad.)
  13. The Peddler (Comp. Maria Dunn)
  14. The Men That God Made Mad (Comp. Ron Kavana)/L’Entrada De L’Angustura (Comp. Graham Dunne)

Live at Fylde – Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunne (2005)


  1. The Boys of Barr na Sraide (Trad)
  2. The Rigs of Rye (Trad.)
  3. One morning in May (Trad.)
  4. Blackbirds and Thrushes (Trad.)
  5. An Páistín Fionn (Trad.)
  6. Instrumental – Southwest Wind, Petticoat Loose, (Trad. arr. Graham Dunne)
  7. The Kilnamartyra Exile (Trad.)
  8. The Men That God Made Mad (Comp. Ron Kavana)/L’Entrada De L’Angustura (Comp. Graham Dunne)
  9. The Briar and the Rose (Comp. Tom Waits)
  10. Black is the Colour (Trad.)
  11. The Flower of Magherally O (Trad.)

Kind Providence – Niamh Parsons and Graham Dunne (2016)


  1. Across the Blue Mountain (Trad.)
  2. The Road to La Coruna (Comp. Maurice McGrath)
  3. Willie O (Trad.)
  4. Sweet Daffodil Mulligan (Trad.)
  5. Shores of Lough Bran (Trad.)
  6. Valentine O’Hara (Trad.)
  7. Lappin (Comp. Briege Murphy)
  8. When Fortune Turns her Wheel (Trad.)
  9. The Slave’s Lament (Trad.)
  10. The Monaghan Jig (Instrumental Trad.)
  11. After Aughrim’s Great Disaster (Trad.)
  12. Carrickfergus (Trad.)