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  1. Niamh & Graham, it’s so great that you’re coming back to my country this summer! I’m just so sorry I won’t be where you are, as I’d love to see and hear you again. Hearing you sing “The Boys of Barr na Sráide,” a song I’d never heard before, all those years ago remains one of the high points of my music listening life. I hope you’re both well and happy, as we are, now at 80 years old! The best to you both, Si.

    PS I’ve got both

    Are both good? Is one better than the other?

    1. Hi Si – great to hear from you – 80 – sure you’re only as old as you feel isn’t that what they say – I’m going to be 66, and get the pension this year! And Graham is coming up to his 50th which we’ll celebrate over in the US – Yes all good – writing, teaching and generally having a nice life – the gmail is the best for me – the eircom.net is gone – I won’t post this as it has my email on it – but it’s lovely to hear from you ! N.x

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