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(Composed ny Briege Murphy published by PRS/MCPS Copyright Control)

The shadows fell across the room as I lay down to rest
A storm was raging deep inside my head
I fell into a restless sleep of crazy changing dreams
And woke to find you standing by my bed

Clohinne Winds were blowing when you called me
First you spoke my name
Your voice was still the same
You beckoned me and I arose to follow where you led
Out among the wild Clohinne Hills

The mountain mist had lent an eerie whiteness to the dawn
The silver spider threading caught my face
You darted through the bracken trailing stardust in your wake
I knew you stop beside our sacred place


You stopped upon the fairy hill beneath the hawthorn tree
I thought I heard the lonely banshee wail
You held your hand towards me and I reached to touch your face
But woke to find that you were just a dream


The years have passed and I am growing weary of this earth
The magic of the dream eludes me still
I lay upon the fairy hill, I shouted to the moon
I am the haunted woman of the hill

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