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Lover's Ghost

(trad. Arr. Niamh Parsons)

(From Loosely Connected 1992 Greentrax Records 052 - 1995 Green Linnet Records CD3094)

First heard this song sung by Emmet Spiceland and then learnt a slightly different air from Frank Harte – I married the two versions together.

Oh you’re welcome home again said the young man to his love
I have waited for many a night and day
You are tired you are cold said the young man to his love
You will never again go away
I must go away she said, when the little cock does crow
For here they will not let me stay
But if I had my will my darling she said
This night would be ever ever day

Oh my pretty pretty cock, oh my handsome little cock
I pray you do not crow before the day
And your comb shall be made of the very beaten gold
And your wings of the sliver so gay
But oh this little cock so handsome as he was
He crew shrill a full hour too soon and he sent my love away
Not by the break of day it being only the light of the moon

And where is your bed my dearest dear he said
And where is your white Holland sheet
And where are your waiting maids my dearest dear he said
Who wait on you while you are asleep
The clay it is my bed, my dearest dear she said
The shroud is my white Holland sheet
The worms and the creeping things are my waiting maids
Who wait on my while I am asleep

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