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(Trad. Arr. Niamh Parsons, Graham Dunne)

One pleasant summer’s morning when all the flowers were blooming O
Nature was adorning and the wee birds they were singing O
I met my love near Bambridge Town, my charming blue eyed Sally O
She is the Queen of the County Down, my Flower of Magherally O

With admiration I did gaze upon that blue eyed Lassie O
Adam never had so much joy, when he saw Eve in Eden O
Her skin was like the lily white, that blooms in yonder garden O
She is my queen and my heart’s delight, my Flower of Magherally O

Her yellow hair in ringlets hung, her boots of Spanish leather O
Her bonnet with blue ribbons on, her scarlet scarf and feather O
Like Venus bright she did appear, my charming blue eyed Sally O
She is the girl that I love dear, my Flower of Magherally O

And I hope the day will surely come, when we’ll join hands together O
It’s then I’ll bring my true love home, in spite of wind and weather O
And let them all say what they will, and let them reel and rally O
For I will wed the girl I love, my Flower of Magherally O




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